Long Overdue for an Overhaul and Update

Someone brought to my attention how woefully out-of-date my site is so I thought I’d post a quick update: for the past year I’ve been working primarily on a Golang + Vue application with an amazing team having the time of my life. Since it has been a learning experience all along the way I more

WordPress hosting/Web hosting

WordPress hosting/Web hosting service-providers are a dime a dozen but you get what you pay for. Many businesses or sites that are just getting started opt for cheap hosting and/or something that seems to bundle a lot of “useful” features (cPanel, free WordPress themes, 1- click install, free e-mail) but this often ends up causing more

A Django Project: Development Environment (Windows 10)

Updated on May 11, 2019 It is easy to find plenty of examples/tutorials for developing with Python/Django in Linux and OSX but when it comes to developing on Windows there are many options. Some of these options include using tools like Cygwin, Vagrant, or most recently Windows 10 has provided a new feature called the more

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