A Django Project – Introduction

Updated on May 11, 2019. For several years I have taken self-paced programming courses focused on Python and Django (Code Academy, Lynda, TreeHouse), followed several tutorials (the Django Polls Tutorial), and made some simple programs but I have not produced anything ‘production worthy.’ In 2013 while still focused on my IT career my interest in more

Changing the Facebook Preview of a Link

When you post a link in Facebook and most other social networks you will notice that an image associated with the link will be displayed. If you find that you are not getting the expected preview on Facebook when you link to your own site you may not have the necessary Open Graph Protocol (OGP) <meta> tags placed in more

VIM Crash Course

It is important to understand that in vim there are two modes:   Visual Mode This is mostly used  for moving around in a text file, searching, selecting, copying etc. You are automatically in this mode when you open a file.   Editing Mode/Insert Mode This is exactly how it sounds, it allows you to actually more

Linux Command-line Cheatsheet

This is a simple cheat sheet for moving around a linux file structure that I created for a few friends that were just learning the Linux Command-line. These are basic, everyday commands that you will probably use the most often for moving around the file structure and adding/removing/changing files.   Changing directories: $cd   Go to your more