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A Django Project – Introduction

Updated on May 11, 2019.

For several years I have taken self-paced programming courses focused on Python and Django (Code Academy, Lynda, TreeHouse), followed several tutorials (the Django Polls Tutorial), and made some simple programs but I have not produced anything ‘production worthy.’ In 2013 while still focused on my IT career my interest in working for myself as a software developer was sparked by an app/site idea. This idea and going into business as a contract web developer led to me researching other programming languages and frameworks (Ruby on Rails, C#, iOS/Android, Swift, ReactJS) and so I spent some time learning the basics of each of these using the same channels I did for Python. Recently I have built a basic proof of concept in different solutions such as Django, Rails, and even WordPress. In the end, I have settled on Django.

My app/site idea never went ‘live’ because I was only capable of building the site itself and the back-end for the mobile apps. In the last couple of years I ventured into mobile app development but as a one man show that still seemed like a lot of work so the project lay dormant. After getting started in React and gaining an understanding of React Native I believe I can bring my project to life by building the site with Django and using React for front-end components that will be reusable in the mobile apps.

In the upcoming posts I will be sharing my process (as I develop one) while building my project. We will start with setting up my development environment which will be within Windows 10, getting an understanding of pip, virtualenv, and virtualenvwrapper, and look at setting up a Git repository (on Bitbucket), and replicating my development environment on my laptop for working while on the road.

Stay tuned to watch me figure it out.